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A possible tunnel has been discovered that may lead to the tomb of Cleopatra.

Archaeologists have uncovered a tunnel below the ancient Taposiris Magna Temple that may lead to Queen Cleopatra's lost tomb

Cleopatra was an infamous pharaoh who is often considered to be the last of her kind.

The tunnel is said to be six feet wide and long. The tunnel that archaeologists have discovered is a geometric marvel.

Kathleen Martinez from the University of San Domingo believes that if Cleopatra’s burial site is true, this would be a very significant .discovery

The discovery was made by archaeologists working on a project in Egypt that is dated to around 2,052 years after Cleopatra's death.

The harbor where Cleopatra is said to have been buried is now underwater as a result of a tsunami, as well as a war.

Cleopatra first buried her lover- Mark Antony after he died and then committed suicide later on. They were buried together, as per their wishes, and with them was buried what was left of the Roman Republic.