Inside Gauri and Shahrukh's  house- Mannat

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri's house Mannat is a sea facing, six story bungalow located at Mumbai's Bandstand Neighborhood.

Gauri Khan gives in an interview, gives fans a sneak peak  into the beautiful interior of her home. 

Dark wooden flooring, plush carpets, luxurious leather pieces and magnificent paintings 

The bedroom- Behind their deep wooden door sits a large space with pristine white marble floors, a brown velvet couch, 

Bringing a rustic vibe to the space is a brick wall that displays their modern art collection 

Bold hues and statement pieces are a common feature in the Khans' house, even in their  dressing rom

The  study room- this area of Mannat follows a dramatic aesthetic with a neoclassical columned   fittings .  

Shah Rukh Khan has a special spot in his home dedicated to films. 42 burgundy leather recliners 

Her walk-in closet comes with soothing white marble floors, just like her bedroom, along with a regal leather throne.

Gauri Khan's “happiest place” within Mannat is its terrace, which has been specifically designed to protect the family’s privacy and allow a significant view of the city.

“Mannat unfolds at every level, with a unique and distinctive concept on each floor” says Gauri and we can't agree more to this.