Stimulus check: Who's eligible to get a $1,000 special payment from their state?

Thousands of Americans will receive a $1,000 dollars bonus check

Payments made available through the Florida's Essential First Responders Recognition Program

Who's eligible to receive this $1,000 bonus check?

The individual must be employed as an essential first responder serving a local government as a sworn law enforcement officer, firefighter, paramedic or emergency medical technician also known as EMT.

How much money will the beneficiaries receive?

The amount varies according to the number of hours worked by the individual each week, with the checks starting to roll out next week.

An employee working at least 40 hours a week will get a check for $1,000.

While someone who works at least 30 hours a week has a recognition payment for $750, with those working for at least 20 hours every seven days will see their check grant them $500 dollars.

Finally those working at least 10 hours per week will have a recognition payment of $250.