Top 7 jobs that can be replaced by AI in the Future

Taxi and bus drivers

There is a 98% chance that this sector will be completely automated. Self-driving cars are already here, and it won’t be long before fully autonomous vehicles take over us


Nowadays, even in fast food joints, people can place orders through communication screens or tabs.


We are already witnessing robot-surgeons perform critical operations worldwide, and it’s only a matter of time before they completely replace us.

Market research analysts

AI-enabled robots are gaining popularity in this sector because of the comprehensive data that they provide.


Robots are significantly being used in military operations for various tasks such as surveillance, intelligence, and many more.

Bookkeeping and data entry

Instead of using humans for data entry and bookkeeping, it makes sense for AI and ML (Machine Learning) to be introduced in the product cycle.

Security guards

AI has made substantial advancements in the field of physical security. . There is an 84% chance that AI will fully automate this sector in the future.