FedEx Driver Saves Wedding with Last-Minute Ring Delivery

Just imagine the intensity and flow of emotions on the wedding day when the bride is waiting for the ring, and one great soul delivers it precisely on time. Yes, this is what happened with the North Carolina couple Savannah Kulenic and Dylan Perkins.

The couple sacrificed the dream wedding destination and even the possibility of the ring-exchange ceremony to follow the federal social-distancing guidelines. Instead of the dream wedding in Hawaii, they planned a close-group wedding ceremony at a family member’s beach house in Topsail Island.

Image via Seaside Topsail Photography/Facebook

Image via Seaside Topsail Photography/Facebook

To their surprise, just a day before the wedding day, the ring maker agreed to deliver the ring overnight via FedEx.

Nature Conspire to Let Love Flourish

It was a great sigh of relief for the Perkins’ couple, but there was still the problem of delivery timing. The ceremony was scheduled at 3:00 PM, but the ring delivery timing was 4:30 PM. Waiting wasn’t an option as one cannot rely on delivery commitment in a lockdown situation.

Everyone reached the beach house for the ceremony, including the couple’s wedding photographer,

Amy Shores left a note on the front door for the FedEx driver. “I put in capital letters, ‘You have the ring,'” the WNCN quoted Shores as saying.

Unaware of what he is carrying, the FedEx driver Joe Engel reached the home and found the note. Realizing the importance, he rushed to the beach to deliver the wedding ring on time. The moment Kylenic saw the FedEx driver, she rushed to grab the consignment.

The Magical Moment

The wedding photographers smartly captured the brief exchange of thankfulness between the couple and the delivery man. This is what makes one a great human being when you understand the situation and accordingly go the extra mile to spread the joy.

The photographer rightly said in his Facebook post, “This should be a FedEx commercial.”

It is probably the most special wedding I’ve ever photographed,” Shores said in his post, adding that it was just the most magical moment.

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