Parasshuram Shalgar – Founder & Editor-in-Chief

parasshuramA well-versed news editor for over 12 years now, Parasshuram knows everything that is hot in Asia, particularly India. Cricket fan during the week and a movie buff on weekends, Parasshuram is a husband and a father of three.

Parasshuram hails from Hubli, India, where The Media Marketing company is incorporated and where he runs our newsroom.

Parasshuram also the person in charge of recruiting and training of writers on topics that PanAsiaBiz (PAB) covers for our readers.

Mr Shalgar’s articles have been circulated to well over 60+ million visitors. Read all his articles on the site.

For corrections, factual reporting, or your rights to comment, here’s how you can reach Parasshuram

Call the newsroom: +91 (0) 98 44 050199
Or [via email] [on Google+] [on Twitter]

Priya Bonthu – Editor

pozaWith a career of more than 6 years in a newsroom, Priya is one of those people you learn from just by listening to her stories and experiences.

When she’s not in the office reporting on various happenings in the region, Priya is spending quality time with her family; or watching Hollywood or Bollywood movies — a guilty pleasure that she cannot deny.

Priya is the Editor and the person in charge with our Entertainment & Sports sections on PAB. All her articles are available here.

Contact Priya via email or on Google+

Sanjeev Ramachandran – Staff Writer

sanjeev rSanjeev Ramachandran has found ultimate joy all through his 23-year-long journalism career by writing for national and international newspapers, websites and blogs.

From technology to politics to sports to entertainment, he has been able to express ideas and pen opinion pieces on whatever triggers his interest.

Currently at the helm of his own content and public relations company, called Siyahi – The Content & PR People, he makes sure that he doesn’t always let administrative tasks take over his writing space.

Read Sanjeev’s articles here.

And if you need to contact him, do it over via email or on Google+


Reeti Garg

Being outstanding in school and college for her academics and sports, little did she know that her passion for writing about unobserved people, stranded things and mysteries of the heart would lead her to become a professional writer later in life!

An avid reader and a hardcore movie buff, her favorite past time is listening to music and writing poems. She is a published author and on her way to completing her second book ‘Under the Falling Stars’, a thriller on bisexuality.

In this short span of 4 years of being a professional writer she has been associated with many articles for renowned magazines and newspapers, blogs, short stories and poetries. Names associated with her writing skills are ‘Meri Sajni’, ‘Akinchan Bharat’, ‘Hamara Ghaziabad’,

Aspiring to be famous and known as a soulful author one day, she would love to settle someday in the silent disquietedness of London countryside, where she plans to just sip coffee and keep writing trilogie

Marian Dumitru – Special News

marian dumitriBorn in Easter Europe more than four decades ago, Marian has been a journalist half of his life.

Recently moved to Dubai where he’s employed in The Media Marketing Inc offices, Jairam adds his experience to a very young team of writers and not only reports on events, but also forms new journalists.

In love with all things Middle East from food to culture and way of life, Jairam is the person who we always count on to save the day.

His other passions include laying in the sun on any island in the Indian Ocean or enjoying a fresh seafood meal. But he would leave all these in order to get that amazing reportage … and that’s why he’s seen as a guru in our newsroom.

Read all Marian’s articles here.

To say just how much you like his work or offer to meet for a coffee, you can contact Marian over email or find him on Google+

Nitish ShawNitish-Shaw1-300x350

 An aspiring novelist and a random blogger, Nitish is also a porky-mouthed banter specialist when it comes to football (soccer), films, TV Series, History and socio-economic issues.

He travels, indulges in music and plays outdoor sports to get his creative juices flowing.

“There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colorless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”- Quote this, and you will be his favorite person for at least as long as the two of you can hold up the conversation.

Nirmal NarayananNirmal-N

Nirmal Narayanan, born as the son of a Sub Inspector of Police in Kerala, said No to Medical Admission due to his passion for English Language.

He started his journalistic career four years back by writing for some online film portals and magazines.

He believes in making some positive changes in the society with his pen, and this made him chose writing as a full-time profession.

Nirmal loves to spend his leisure time by watching movies. Father of two, he lives with his family in Palakkad, Kerala.

Nirmal’s articles can be read here.


Zeba-Anwer-420x420Zeba Anwar

Zeba Anwer is a content writer who is still learning to make herself familiar with the world of technology.

She is a writer by day and a reader by night who is still looking to make her footprint in the world of media.

She is also a restless traveler who still lives on the daily dose of ‘Friends’ sitcom.