Google Likely To Shut Your Gmail Account By Next Year

How often do you use our Gmail? Are you an active user? What was the last time you logged into your account? These are the few simple things you need to consider. In accordance to keep your account active, “says Google .”

New Delhi:  Will google shut your account. Yes, it’s a matter of concern for Millions out there. The multinational tech giant is likely to implement its new policy from 1 June 2021, so according to the policies. If you have an account on Google, then don’t be agitated if it gets closed.

What was Google’s Announcement

Google Photo on Wednesday announced that it will no longer offer limitless free storage. For your “high defined” photos from next year. Starting from 1 June 2021, every account holder will have a limit over their Photos and Videos uploads maximum limit up to 15 GB.

Most important is Google also introduced a new policy on deleting data from inactive account users for those who haven’t logged in to their Gmail for more than two years?

All you need to do if you are inactive on the service for over two years and above Google likely to delete your content across Gmail, Drive, and photos. Therefore the company will inform varied times before striving to discard any content.

What must be done to avoid this?

Well, for the moment, Google has no plans to start deleting your data until 1 June 2021, But the time before something happens or before a specified period ends: you must be careful and have a regular visit in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive (and/or collegial content constructing apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Jamboard, and Sites) on the internet or through an official Google app,” reads the patron surface. 


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