COVID-19 to remain for the next 10 years, says Ugur Sahin, CEO of BioNTech

'COVID-19' to remain with us for over the next 10 years, says 'Ugur Sahin' CEO of BioNTech
BioNTech, CEO Ugur Sachin

Sitit Ugur Sahin, founder, and CEO of Biotechnology. The company focuses on developing and manufacturing active immunotherapies in treating diseases like cancer and other serious illnesses.

As of 2020, BioNTech company has been involved in the R&D of the COVID-19 vaccine with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer confederacy. The company aims to find an effective vaccine against the new coronavirus strain discovered in the UK.

Ugur Sahin says, ” The new definition for being normal is to live with the virus, as the COVID-19 to remain with us for over the next 10 years with several, more outbreaks,” said during a press conference.

Will vaccination help reduce the new corona strain

The BioNTech CEO further says vaccinating would help 60-70 percent of the world’s population to fight against the outbreaks. Before the virus metamorphoses, a large number. The vaccine intake can renormalize the pandemic situation.

What is the new strain of novel coronavirus?

According to business today, the new strain SARS-CoV-2 is 70 percent more transmissible. Compared to the original variant 0.4. The majority of people affected are under the age of 60 years. This new strain has created panic around the realm, causing 40 countries to suspend their UK flights.

What to pin one’s hope on

Sahin said the result of their efforts requires another two weeks in diagnosing the vaccine’s efficiency to stop the mutant coronavirus strain.

It is assumed that the BioNTech vaccine is high in the immune in response to containing 1,270 amino acids that help deal with the virus.

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