Vaccination starts for 18+: Over 79 lakh Covid-19 vaccines with states and UTs: Centre

The third phase of vaccination has started on 1st May 2021. As we all know, the registrations had started on 28th April. So far, it is known that the central government has provided about 16.37 crores of vaccine doses to all the states and the Union Territories. These doses were distributed free of cost.

A recent report from the Indian Express has confirmed that the states and the UTs presently have 79 lakh vaccines and will receive 17 lakhs more in a few days.

Vaccinations so far:

The central government had previously started vaccination for the elderly. This age group was the first phase of vaccination. The second phase began with vaccination for the age group above 45. Now all the adults, i.e., above 18 aged people, will be receiving the vaccination doses. The immunization had started with the first phase itself; the major problem is the difference in the cost of the vaccine doses between the state and the central. The Supreme Court has also asked for an explanation for the different prices of the vaccines. I hope the vaccines soon reach the poor free of cost, and the difference in the prices also gets looked after. Also, those without mobile phones and proper internet connectivity in remote areas cannot access the app to register their names for vaccination. This matter also needs to be considered.

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Stats of the states with the vaccines:

While Maharashtra has received over 17.5 lakh Covishield and 5.76 lakh Covaxin, Delhi has received over 3.73 lakh of the former and 1.23 lakh of the latter, and Chhatisgarh and West Bengal have received over 6.47 lakh and 2.13 lakh, and 9.95 lakh and 3.27 lakh doses each. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Kerala have received 13.49 lakh and 4.11 lakh, 12.92 lakh and 4.42 lakh, 6.84 lakh and 2.25 lakh, and 12.48 lakh and 4.11 lakh of Covishield and Covaxin doses.


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