AAJ TAK News live: West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu Election Results 2021

While the countrymen had been fighting a pandemic, the leaders seem to have been fighting amongst themselves till 2nd May 2021. The elections had taken over huge discussions, and several matters came to light due to the same for the last few months. These not only indulged thousands of people gathering and supporting their respective parties but the leaders conducting massive rallies.

The Supreme court had to order against them for not following the COVID protocols, finally. There were many political issues besides neglecting the crisis prevailing in the country for which the people called out the Central Government. The results finally came out, and now the respected parties are assumed to return to the duties which they had been neglecting so far.


Winners of the states:

All the state governments seem to have remained where they are; only the members of the parties seem to have shifted from one party to the other without much positive outcome.

According to NDTV, BJP leads in Assam with 60 seats won after a very tough competition from the opponents. Kerela, the state of education and literacy, chooses The CPI(M) all over again with 62 seats won by them; BJP seems to be their last option according to the vote results showing 0 seats won by the party.

In Puducherry, the collaboration of AINRC and BJP leads with 10 and 6 seats, and Tamil Nadu has the DMK win 129 seats while leading with a total of 4 seats. In West Bengal, though, the situation was different. The PM had tried all his means to conquer the state but has finally failed due to Bengal’s unity.

Though both parties have a lot to be corrected, people still chose to vote for the secular party even after their leader lost several members to the opponents before the election. Even the CPI(M), the haters of the TMC, cast votes in support of the TMC to stop the BJP from entering the government of Bengal.

TMC thus won the elections with 213 seats while BJP improved their position and somehow managed 77 seats in the state, getting marked as a better opponent. Now that all the states have been satisfied with the governments of their choices. It is now highly hoped that the governments would now give their cent percents to work for the people, and their priority would be the well-being of their people in the pandemic.

Predictions and saying after the results:

Congress has had a massive loss, thus questioning the party’s future not only in the state but also in the country. In Kerela and Bengal, the party has been defeated entirely even after aligning with CPI(M) in Bengal.

But Congress is not the party most talked about right now. The PM’s failure to defeat Mamata Banerjee even after trying their bests is something for which the people are pranking them. From conducting rallies and visiting Bengal, even cat-calling the CM of Bengal, the PM has played all sorts of politics without winning anything.

Even during the day of the result, the government did not correctly handle the oxygen crisis in Delhi. This oxygen crisis resulted in the demise of 12 patients and a doctor, as mentioned by Mr. Kejriwal. The Executive director of Batra hospital has raised his voice against the ignorance of the government towards the citizens. Several alarms were sent to the government on that day without receiving any help.

Now that the elections are over and many states have also declared lockdown, and the Supreme Court has announced the states to look into the matter as a priority and an urgent act, we might hope that the election fever would fade. People expect the government would look towards the betterment of the country and bring better days.

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