International Day of Families Celebrated Worldwide

International Day of Families Celebrated Worldwide

May 15, 2021, marks the International Day of Families, celebrated in the name of families every year. The term family holds so much emotion in it. Many publishers commemorate the day in the best possible way with quotes and facts about family and belongingness.

The word came from the Latin word to its now known English term in the fifteenth century. The Latin word “Famulus” means “servant,” which can be interpreted as individuals living together and serving each other to make the strongest bond that can exist.

Origin of the family:

Families share a history with the history of evolution. As the ancient man gave birth to more men and increased their population, more food was needed. Previously, these men were hunters and food gatherers. Then they started forming groups and making stone weapons to catch their prey.

Even this became something of a great deal, and then they learned the art of agriculture one day. Several stones, as well as wooden instruments, were made for the same purpose. With this began civilizations. The houses were built of stone, mud, and straw, and then the concept of people living in different shelters other than the shed came into existence.

The concept of families and the concept of leadership and subdivisions of works and others were also made. So was the buying and selling of things through the barter system.

Potteries and everything was made and the roles played by men, women, and children were divided. This gave rise to the division of work and caregiving and most probably what we now know as a family.

Need for a family:

At the end of a busy day, we always need to come back to the people who would not judge us but would take care of us. We need to have a place with people where we feel wanted and loved. There always needs to be people who would be anxious about our well-being, and we would be worried about theirs.

We all know such a place where such affection is still alive, and we return to them to feel ourselves whenever we get lost in this busy and monotonous world. So, this day marked specially for families, let us show our near and dear ones how much they matter to us and let us bond again and make a toast to this type of togetherness that beats anything else.

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