Pre-registration for PUBG New State starting soon!

PUNG New State

PUBG New State had opened for Android users a few months back. Krafton, the Korean developer for PUBG, has said that the game will be open for pre-registration for iPhone users, too, very soon. Previously this month, on the 18th of April, the Android users got to pre-register for PUBG Battlegrounds India. Seems like the Indian gamers are all over-excited and have got an entirely new way to deal with the pandemic by sitting with their phones, which they always did even before the beginning of the pandemic. Why should this fun stay limited to android users? Now the iOS users will also receive the pre-registration opportunity soon, as mentioned by

What has Krafton to say on this?

The gamer has already released a brand new alpha testing trailer for the PUBG New States. This is proof that the news of the release for iOS users is not false. Krafton has confirmed that the pre-registration will begin soon for the iOS users. All the iPhone users need to do now is, keep an eye on the website for new updates to one day finally wake up with the good news. Various technologists guess that the pre-registration mighty start as early as the next month while there is no anticipation of the game’s final launch.

Steps to be followed by the developers and co.:

The gamers are yet confused about the launch in India. Everything that has been known till now is that the country is there on the green map. This is a sign of relief since a country’s presence on the map means its participation too. The closed alpha testing for the game will start soon in the US, and so is the game considered to be mainly used by US gamers. The beta testing will follow the process, and the final launch will be made as per the feedback. The PUBG Battlegrounds India will also launch for the iPhone users of India very soon, as per the reports. It is under development right now. Let us keep an eye on the website itself to learn more about the updates of the game.

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