Air India server hacked, 45 lakh passenger’ emails, passwords leaked online

Air India

Air India has gone through a cyber attack as specified by From August 26, 2011, to February 26, 2021, all passengers’ data has been hacked. The data breach involves the data of about 45 lakh passengers. The data leak happened at the SITA passenger service system and has created havoc tension around the globe. These data include the name, date of birth, flight tickets, and other minor information and something as sensitive as credit card information.

The SITA and Air India relationship:

The SITA is a Switzerland-based technology company. It specializes in air transport communications and information technology and has a tie-up with Air India since 2017. The SITA is the center from where the data was stolen. SITA has been helping since then to upgrade the IT infrastructures like online booking engine, departure control system, check-in, automated boarding control, and so on. The company reported a breach in its system as early as March 2021. The breach has happened in February.

About the breach:

The breach has been tried to be put under control. Air India has reported that it has tried to put everything under control and will try further. It also advised its passengers to change their passwords to be safer. It also talked with the regulatory agencies in India and overseas and tried to secure the compromised servers. It has also spoken to the external data security specialists and has notified the credit card issuers.


The passwords of Air India frequent flyer programs have also been reset. Everything will be under control within the next few days. The passengers, on the other hand, should take all the precautionary steps required for more safety.

Let us hope that Air India and the SITA work together to manage the entire situation while the main criminals are identified, caught, and punished under the cybercrime laws. Meanwhile, the public should be more cautious, and so should be the government and non-government agencies dealing with the personal information of millions of passengers.

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