Fumio Kishida Becomes Japan’s 100th Prime Minister

Fumio Kishida Becomes Japan’s 100th Prime Minister
Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida was elected as Japan’s Prime Minister on Monday. He will be tasked to quickly tackle the pandemic with the other domestic and global challenges. The national elections will be held in few weeks.

Kishida became the 100th Prime Minister of Japan, winning 311 votes in the 465-seat lower house. He participated in the election against Yukio Edano, who is the head of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. The swearing ceremony of the Prime Minister and his cabinet will take place at a palace. He has replaced Yoshihide Suga, who resigned only after one year in the office, due to his insistence on holding the Tokyo Olympics during the pandemic and handling the pandemic.

As per the reports, a new cabinet post will be created which will aim to tackle the economic dimensions of Japan’s national security. His 68-year-old relative, Shunichi Suzuki, will replace the Finance Minister Taro Aso. Kishida will replace all except two of the 20 cabinet posts under Suga.

The thirteen of which were appointed to ministerial posts for the first time as reported by the Japanese. Only three women are included, from two in Suga’s government.
Kishida has supported the Japan-U.S. security ties and partnerships with other like-minded democracies in Asia, Europe, and Britain, to counter China and nuclear-armed North Korea.

Japan is facing a growing nuclear and missile threat from North Korea, which last month test-fired the ballistic missiles. These missiles are capable of hitting targets in Japan. Kishida also faces worsening ties with South Korea due to the issue of the women who were sexually abused, by the military of Japan, during World War II.

He will also have to ensure the health care system of Japan, vaccination programs, and other measures for a possible resurgence of the Covid-19 virus in the winters.
He aims to stabilize the economy and raise the income of people and create a cycle of growth and distribution. He was first elected in 1993, in the parliament to represent Hiroshima and was an advocate for nuclear disarmament.

India’s PM Narendra Modi Warm Wishes

PM Narendra Modi took to his Twitter to congratulate the newly elected PM of Japan and wished for a global partnership and peace in the region.

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