10 Dangerous Jobs Regarding Health And Safety

10 Dangerous Jobs Regarding Health And Safety
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Every year, thousands of people are killed at work. Whether it is the company’s fault, the employees, or just bad luck, it is a sad fact that there are so many accidents in the workplace. Of course, not all accidents can be prevented, but most can, and that’s what this article will explore. We’ll explore some of the worst places to work when it comes to health and safety.

You may be surprised by some of these results:

10 – Public Transport Workers

Public transport workers have one of the highest rates of injury; one major reason is that they spend their time walking up and down extremely long ladders. It also doesn’t help that buses and trains tend to be old and poorly maintained, leading to all kinds of problems.

9 – Construction Workers

Construction sites are extremely dangerous; everything from working with heavy machinery to high-rise buildings poses a hazard to workers. Unfortunately for construction workers running into health and safety issues is too common as companies try to save money by scrimping on protective gear for employees. The number of fatalities in the construction industry has remained about the same over recent years, which needs to be taken care of urgently.

8 – Manufacturing Workers

Manufacturing workers are at the next highest risk for a fatal accident; whether it is a result of a machine malfunction or just poor safety procedures, there are too many people dying due to preventable accidents.

7 – Agricultural Workers

We all know how dangerous farming can be with tractors, horses, and sharp implements being used close to humans, but surprisingly agricultural workers have one of the lowest rates of injuries at work, which shows just how much worse it could be if farmers weren’t so careful.

6 – Emergency Services Workers

We all know that police officer put their lives on the line every day, but surprisingly they have one of the lowest rates of injury at work, which means most cops actually get home safe after a shift. However, it’s not so great for firefighters who have double or triple the number of injuries sustained by police workers, presumably due to being exposed to greater risks when putting out fires.

5 – Construction Site Managers

For the people managing construction sites, this is one of the most dangerous jobs around; construction managers have one of the highest mortality rates due to work-related accidents of any profession. Road traffic accidents account for many fatalities for these workers, along with falls from height and workplace violence. Perhaps most shocking is that the group of managers who have been killed at work is actually much higher than the number of workers.

4 – Prison Officers 

Ironically enough, prison guards and staff are one of the most likely groups of people to face violence and death while at work. It’s not just criminals that these officers have to deal with either; many murders take place inside prisons between inmates or even against prison guards where the perpetrators feel they can get away with it because rules don’t exactly apply inside.

3 – Construction Workers

Some people might be surprised to see construction workers as one of the most dangerous jobs in terms of mortality, but those who work within the industry will know how true this is. There are a number of factors for this, including low training requirements (meaning inexperienced individuals end up working high up on buildings), fall from height, and workplace violence, not to mention the fact that many construction workers will often work in dangerous areas such as war zones.

2 – Steel Workers/Millers 

This appears to be quite a general trend for steelworkers; you generally have low rates of fatalities but instead suffer severe injuries regularly; being hit by machinery/trapped are among the most common factors for death or severe injury at work. It seems that this profession is relatively safe if you don’t mind being crushed by machines.

1 – Logging Workers 

The worst job in terms of mortality rates isn’t even one you see on TV often. Logging workers suffer extremely high injury and death rates due largely to workplace violence (most likely stemming from different logging companies fighting over a disputed area).

There you have it!

There are many different jobs in the world, but sometimes the risk that comes with it is fatal. If you consider going into this line of employment, make sure you keep safe and have an injury lawyer on your contact list, just in case! Sometimes, the people in these industries are doing a thankless job, and with the risks involved, they deserve a big thank you. 


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