3 Disturbingly True Horror Movies To Watch, Including ‘An American Haunting’

3 Disturbingly True Horror Movies To Watch, Including 'An American haunting'

Any good horror movie psyches the viewer with its eerie story and direction. The horrors investigated by the protagonist and characters can turn even more terrifying if they are based on a true story.

These successful horror movies enlisted here, are adapted from an original paranormal mystery.

1) ‘An American haunting’

‘An American haunting’ was released in 2006 and is based on the Bell witch curse.

In early 1800 John Bell moved to farmland with his family in Tennessee. After shooting a weird creature on the farm, his family is haunted by a curse.

His family encountered paranormal activities.
To date, the farm is concealed and the giggling of children and flashing lights can be seen on the property.

2) ‘Child’s Play’

‘Child’s Play’ was released in 1988. The film follows a narrative of a cursed doll who has the spirit of a serial killer, Charles Ray.
It is said to be based on ‘Robert’.

Robert was a doll given to Robert Jean Otto in 1906 when he was 6 years old.
The doll was given by a maid, said to practice voodoo. The doll was seen giggling and moving around the house.

It was donated to the Fort East Martello Museum where it is on display for Ghosthunters.

3) ‘The Shining’

‘The Shining’ occurred to Stephen King by a visit to Stanley hotel in 1983. He claimed to have seen ghostly children and paranormal activity at his visit.

The hotel was constructed by Oscar Stanley in 1909. The visitors are said to hear children giggling and seeing a ghost of Mr.Stanley at the reception.


The movies inspired by paranormal incidents have a certain excitement.

The possibility of entities invisible to us has always been a subject of interest to many. These movies have also used this method to lure horror lovers into it.

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