Salman Khan Files Defamation Suit Against His Panvel Farm House Neighbour

Salman Khan Files Defamation Suit Against His Panvel Neighbour

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On Friday, actor Salman Khan approached the Mumbai City Civil court to file a defamation case against neighbor Ketan Kakkad. He is accusing him of defamation and derogatory allegations on the actor through video, posts, and tweets.
The accuser, Ketan Kakkad, owns a plot beside Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel.

The suit also demands a permanent order restraining Kakkad from positing or publishing any defamatory content related to the actor or his farmhouse.

What does Salman Khan’s lawyer say on the matter?

The say of Salman Khan’s lawyer Pradeep Ghandy on the matter is
“false, disparaging and defamatory” allegations in videos, posts, and tweets are causing harm and loss to the actor, his family members, and also to his business ventures.

As Salman Khan’s plea suggests, Kakkad attempted to buy a plot of land near Khan’s Panvel farmhouse, but the authorities didn’t complete the transaction as they deemed it illegal.

From then, Kakkad had been raising wrong and unproven accusations on Salman Khan to have deliberately canceled the transaction.

Further in Salman Khan’s complaint, Kakkad and two other people participated in a show. Moreover, Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and search engine Google have been made parties to the suit. Salman Khan wants to remove the defamatory content from all social media platforms.

Ketan Kakkad’s lawyer sought time to prepare for the case

Lawyers Abha Singh and Aditya Pratap, who ought to represent Ketan Kakkad, opposed the interim restraining order, saying they could not go through the entire suit as they received case papers on Thursday evening only.

Judge Anil H Laddhad directed Kakkad to file his reply and postponed the case till January 21.

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