Google release developer preview of Android Wear

Internet search giant Google has recently announced the “Android Wear”. This joins the club of wearables announced by the LG and Motorola’s smart watches. The software in the watch aims to keep more information with less interactions.

The wrist watch is not adding smartphone like features instead displays notifications and information. Many companies like Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung have joined Google in the project along with chip makers like Broadcom, Intel, Imagination, Qualcomm and Mediatek.

The move seemed necessary as Samsung has rumouredly abandoned the Android OS for its smart watch project and chose lightweight open-source OS Tizen instead.

A developer preview video for the new OS has been released on Youtube. The video shows how tailored notifications show up on the Google’s new wrist-based platform. The watch is said to be voice responsive and provides notifications at-a-glance. It can also be used for voice search.

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Android Wear could be also timing with the iWatch and it remains to be seen who will make it first to the market. Besides there has been a long wait for the smart watches. Besides apps have been key in Android’s success and developers need to be attracted to the new watch platform which may be the reason for the preview.