Rajnath Singh Is Expected To Visit United States Next Week

Rajnath Singh Is Expected To Visit United States Next Week

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For the 2+2 meetings in Washington DC, Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister Jaishankar will interact with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The war in Ukraine will be covered as the scenario in the Pacific and bilateral geopolitical problems. Rajnath Singh is then scheduled to address the Third Fleet headquarters, where he will be updated on the fleet’s actions, which will primarily take place in the Pacific Ocean. At least three carrier hit groups, each led by an aircraft carrier and its strike group, make up the Third Fleet. According to the reports of Times Now India, Theodore Roosevelt, Carl Vinson, and Abraham Lincoln are the three supercarriers presently assigned to the Third Fleet.

Besides the United States, India has 2+2 discussions with only a few countries. They are Russia, Japan, and Australia, a couple of the Malabar naval exercise participants. The Indo-US conversation is held once a year, although it has been suspended due to COVID-related concerns.

On April 11, Jaishankar and Rajnath will result in the Indian delegation to Washington, D.C. for the Fourth India-US 2+2 Ministerial Discussion.

“To further solidify the partnership, the conversation will take a detailed examination of cross-cutting topics in the bilateral framework linked to foreign policy, defense, and security,” according to an MEA announcement. S. Jaishankar, together with the main leaders of the U.S. Administration, would meet discretely with Blinken as part of a continuing and frequent interaction.

Statement of U.S. authorities

According to a U.S. State Department briefing, it is an “essential chance to promote our mutual interests” in various sectors, but Ukraine and Russia were not mentioned. Instead, the U.S. statement emphasized the expanding substantial defense alliance with India and common Indo-Pacific objectives.