‘National Submarine Day’ Celebrated in the US

'National Submarine Day' Celebrated Worldwide

In the United States of America, the “National Submarine Day” is on April 11. The submarine community celebrates this day and honors the purchase of the USS Holland VI.

History of ‘National Submarine Day’

This day celebrates the United States government’s purchase of the Holland VI. But this was not the first submarine purchased by the United States. The first submarine that the United States owned was USS Alligator. Brutus Villeroi completed his work on a submarine -Nautilus- on August 10, 1832. He showcased his invention on the coast of France.
In 1969, Senator Thomas J. Dodd presented a bill to the US Senate to pick April 11 as “National Submarine Day”. The bill passed in 1970 but still, there are no records of a declaration by then-President Richard Nixon. In spite of this, U.S. Navy and many other organizations acknowledged and celebrated this day in early 1970.

How to celebrate ‘National Submarine Day’?

Go on a tour of a real submarine to learn about the duties onboard, and the challenges they face. You can also experience sea life on visiting a sea museum. There you can learn about the Navy battles that changed and shaped history. If you can’t go on a submarine or a Navy museum then learn about this day and submarines online. You can also enjoy a submarine movie day. Use #NationalSubmarineDay while posting on social media.

Interesting facts about submarine

Not only for the military but submarines are also used for tourism, ocean exploration, archeology, and salvage exploration. Nuclear submarines can operate underwater for three to four months at a time. They can easily span seas. They provide intelligence and underwater protection for surface ships and can detect and lay mines. If submarines are fitted with suitable weapons so that they can strike the land targets.

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