Microsoft to give Windows license free for Smartphones

Microsoft Corporation announced on Wednesday that Windows licensing is now for devices that are smaller than nine inches. The company also announced updates to Windows 8.1 which include a digital voice assistant like Apple’s Siri called Cortana
Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build Conference
After Satya Nadella assumed the CEO position of Microsoft Corporation, has been making quick changes by focusing more on mobile devices and introducing new products.

At a Build Developer Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Microsoft announced the free licensing of Windows for devices smaller than nine inches that include smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s revenues has been dependent on the Windows OS and Microsoft Office which has been on decline. About 200 million Windows 8 licenses were sold in 15 months, which is much lower than the 240 million licenses sold by Windows 7 in 12 months only.

The company brought down the price of Windows 8.1 by 70% initially for low-cost tablets and computer-makers in order to overcome rivals. Android due to its free availability, has been successful in taking over more than two-thirds of the world’s mobile phones. Even set-top boxes and wearables are now employing Android platform.

Microsoft has also tied up with India’s smartphone maker Micromax challenging Apple and Android’s domination. At present four percent of global smartphones use Windows and now with free licensing, the company can see an increase in its market share. Microsoft expects to have a 15% share in smartphones market by 2018.