Social Security Payment 2022: Second half of monthly $1,682 checks to be sent soon

Supplemental Security Income recipients who received their monthly payment of $841 beginning Sept. 1 will receive a second payment later this month.

SSI recipients typically only receive one monthly payment and are set to see their October payments on Sept. 30. Those eligible will receive a total of $1,682 in monthly payments.

Social Security Payment 2022

The Social Security Administration distributes payments on the first of every month, except for months when the first falls on a weekend or holiday, per the agency’s website. With Oct. 1 falling on a Saturday this year, eligible recipients will get their payments that Friday. Eligible recipients will also receive two payments in April and December.

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Couples will receive two payments of $1,261 this month for a total of $2,522, and essential persons who live with people receiving Supplemental Security Income and providing them with necessary care will receive two payments of $421 this month.

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Social Security Agency

The Social Security Agency has been issuing SSIs to eligible individuals and couples since January 1974, working to provide financial relief for those with limited incomes and resources. According to the agency, not all qualified people receive the same amount because location and other income sources are factors.

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Social Security payments increase year to year to stay on pace with inflation. The latest increase of 5.9% went into effect in January 2022. The cost-of-living adjustment for 2023 may increase to 10.5% or more, the Washington Examiner previously reported.

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