$300 check due to be refunded to taxpayers TODAY & direct payments rolling out tomorrow – do you qualify?

California to Tax President Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness

THOUSANDS of Americans will be sent direct payments worth up to $300 today.

More than 500,000 taxpayers in Hawaii are eligible for the one-time rebate.

Payments are currently being rolled out to Hawaiians who included direct deposit information on their tax returns, according to the state’s Department of Taxation.

The first round of checks were rolled out on September 6 and taxpayers should expect to get their refund by Monday, September 12.

Governor David Ige revealed batches of payments were also be sent out on September 9 and September 13, Hawaii News Now reported.

Officials expect that taxpayers who filed by July 31 and submitted direct deposit information should get their rebate by September 21.

Paper refunds will be sent out in batches of 2,000 checks and it’s expected that all rebates will be sent out by October.

Ige revealed that around $294million in total is being sent to taxpayers.

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Single taxpayers that have an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 will get $300 per person.

Couples that earn less than $200,000 will also get $300 per person in their household. This means a family of four could get $1,200.

But, single taxpayers that earn more than $100,000 will be in line for $100 rebates.

Taxpayers that have already filed their 2021 returns do not need to take action as refunds will be issued automatically.

To qualify for the check, you must have lived in Hawaii for at least nine months.

All refunds will be sent to those who file their state tax return by December 31 this year.

States are offering a helping hand to cash-strapped Americans amid inflation.

Officials in Rhode Island are sending automatic rebates to about 115,000 taxpayers.

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Parents who filed their taxes before August 31 should get the Child Tax Credit (CTC) in October.

Families will get $250 per child up to a maximum of three kids, meaning some families will get a max rebate of $750.

Single taxpayers were required to have an income of $100,000 or less while the threshold for joint filers was $200,000.

Meanwhile, officials in Connecticut started sending out CTC payments worth $250 in late August.

Eligible families will get checks of $250 per child, capped at three kids.

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Governor Ned Lamont’s office announced that 238,668 families applied ahead of the July 31 deadline.

Alaskans will receive a $2,550 payment from the Permanent Fund, which pays a dividend of the state’s oil wealth to residents every year.

This year’s payout is the highest dividend the Permanent Fund has disbursed since its creation in 1982, according to state data.

Dividend amounts have only exceeded $2,000 twice before, in 2015 and 2008.

The dividends are sent to residents that have lived in Alaska for an entire calendar year.

Alaskans are also set to receive a one-time energy relief payment of $650

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