Social Security COLA Nov. 2022 Payment Schedule: 3 Direct Payments To Drop; Check if you are eligible

Despite Uncertain Future, Delaying Social Security Is Still Vital

The release of the next round of cost-of-living adjustment (C0LA) checks is scheduled for next month, and your birthday will determine when you receive your payment. For people having birthdays between January 1 and October 10, the 1st round of Social Security benefits will be distributed on November 9, the second Wednesday of the month.

For those who have dates of birth between November 11 and November 20, the next cycle will be transferred the following week November 16. For those who were born between November 21 and December 31, the final round of payouts will be distributed on November 23, which is the 4th Wednesday of the month.

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Social Security COLA Nov. 2022 Payment Schedule

Who Can Receive Social Security Benefits?

Seniors must have served for a certain period & paid into the Social Security system for a minimum number of years to be eligible. The amount you get depends on your age, past wages, and the time you start claiming benefits.

Some households must pay taxes on their benefits from Social Security as well, usually if they have sizable supplementary income from wages, dividends, self-employment, or other taxable sources. The distinction between monthly Social Security income and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) should be made. Payments from SSI are not taxed.

Social Security COLA Nov. 2022 Payment Schedule

Increasing Your SS Benefits Further

The Social Security Administration raises your eventual payout by about two-thirds of one percent for each month you delay applying for benefits from your age of full retirement until age 70, for a total increase of eight percent for each year you delay.

As a result, pensioners who wait until they are 70 years old to file their retirement benefits will receive a 24 percent increase in their monthly income.

If the average payout is $1,500, retiring at 62 could result in your check being cut to $1,050. If you wait until age 70, your check will be approximately around $1,888, based on an average benefit and an accrual rate of 8% each year starting at full retirement age.

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The greatest approach to increase your Social Security payments is to wait to file until you are 70 years old, which is the full retirement age.

You might practically double the number of benefits you get each month, depending on your benefit level and when you opt to start taking distributions. When receiving SS benefits, delaying your credits of retirement offers financial rewards reports Sun.