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Creating a logo plays a large and sometimes decisive role in identifying and promoting your business and your own brand. In the process of creating a brand name, you can choose any style and type – graphic, text or even combined. In fact, you can create whatever you want and what your soul requires. So, you can painstakingly select any color, font or image. However, you still need to consider several factors when creating a logo. The logo is not just a cute and spectacular picture, you do not need to treat it only as a sightly emblem. The logo is created with a purpose and performs its unique functions. It symbolically designates your brand and is designed to succinctly disclose its features, objectives, goals and basic principles.   

If you created a logo with grief in half or in a hurry and soon realized it does not bring results, does not attract an audience and does not suit your company or your brand at all, do not lose heart and do not panic. All this can be changed. So, one example of successful changes is the Amazon Prime Video Logo. On the way of development, the company changed not only the logo, but also the range of its services. Of course, not all examples of rebranding or brand name changes are successful. Quite a difficult advice, but try to change the logo for the better. To make the process seem less complicated, incomprehensible, or even to some extent impossible, first calmly analyze the mission of your company and brand. Here you should remember why and for whom you created your business and products.

Analyze the audience you are counting on and from which you expect a return. Through the logo, your brand name, you should communicate with your potential customers, attract their attention and show in the logo what exactly your product and brand will be able to meet the needs of customers. Remember, the implementation of changing the logo or even the brand are only your responsibility, and the result of the process depends only on you, a competent, proper and professional approach to this problem. In this matter, you can expect both success and failure again. 

It will also be useful to analyze the logos of other companies and examples of rebranding. It is necessary to consider not only successful examples, but also losing variants of the changed logos. Approach the development carefully and correctly. For example, the aforementioned logo Amazon has changed several times, and each changing has its own meaning and history. Thoroughly and comprehensively study not only the position of your brand and company, but also qualitatively familiarize yourself with the problematic issues of rebranding.

So, a brand is not just the name of a company or the products you produce. The term “rebranding” should be understood in the same way. It’s not just a change of name or signage. This process is quite deep, time-consuming and serious. It is essential to take into account rebranding involves an almost complete change of the entire brand as a whole or its individual components. If you change only the appearance of the logo, it is more appropriate to use the term “restyling”. At the same time, you do not change the meaning and the main mission of the company and brand at all.

Rebranding is correctly perceived as an adjustment and change not only of visual elements, images, names, but also semantic components. For example, the purposes, the ways of communicating with the audience and potential customers, and even the mission of your business itself can be changed. 

Thus, summarizing, rebranding is a process that has two main trajectories. Firstly, internal transformation, which affects the main goals, business values, product range and direction, and the structure of all business processes directly related to your brand. Secondly, there are external changes, allowing consumers, in turn, to take a different and new look at an already familiar product and a company. This is mainly due to well-thought-out positioning and openness to potential customers. 

When should you think about rebranding? After all, this process is like a lifestyle change, only in business. One of the main and most frequent reasons why companies undertake rebranding is, in fact, a drop in sales and profits. The updated brand, both visually and internally, really allows an already established company to significantly stand out from competitors, expand its target audience, show potential customers and buyers its strengths, which play a key role in your success. The past positioning of the brand did not help, because it did not perform these significant functions. 

These are already extreme situations when any businessman understands it is necessary to change something in his work. However, even the strongest and most successful companies and brands may need such drastic changes. In such situations, the need for rebranding is caused by other reasons and motives. For example, the company plans to enter new markets or intends to expand its activities. 

In any case, brands must change one way or another along with the introduction and change of technologies. It is important to understand rebranding is not a measure helps you get out of a complete impasse, but a natural process of development of your company and business, which in turn is appropriately compared with a living organism.

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