Stimulus Payment: South Carolina, Minnesota, Idaho, Pennsylvania & New York Sending Checks This month

Stimulus Payment: South Carolina, Minnesota, Idaho, Pennsylvania & New York Sending Checks This month

In South Carolina, millions of citizens will receive a one-time income tax rebate that can go up to $700. These checks are starting to roll in printed versions, debit cards, and direct deposit during the first days of November, and they will continue moving through the end of 2022.

stimulus checksThe state’s Department of Revenue broke the news in South Carolina. But this state won’t be the only one giving taxpayers a good reason to check their mailboxes or accounts.

Massachusetts already started refunding many of its residents $3 billion in surplus tax revenue this month. Illinois is still issuing $50- and $ 100 income tax rebates.

In the following few paragraphs, we will let you know if your state qualifies for any tax refund check during November. We will also tell you how much money your state is getting if it qualifies.

Stimulus 2022: Idaho citizens can soon apply for a rebate worth up to $1,000 – check if you qualify

Which other states are getting tax rebates or stimulus checks?

California is getting inflation relief checks of up to $1,050 via direct deposit or debit card, arriving by January 15, 2023. Colorado is offering $750 bills to people who filed their 2021 tax returns and $1,500 to joint filers by January 31, 2023. Delaware is getting $300 stimulus checks to those who filed their most recent tax returns.

Florida is getting $450 child tax credit payments per child. Georgia offers $250 rebates to single taxpayers, $375 to heads of household, and $500 to joint filers. Hawaii will provide payments for up to $1,200 to families of four and $300 tax rebates to single filers.

Inflation Stimulus Payments 2022: Which States are still sending checks?

Idaho is getting $75 for every taxpayer in the state. Maine offers $850 direct relief payments for single taxpayers and $1,700 for couples.

Minnesota offers $750 one-time payments to frontline workers. New Mexico will contribute $500 to individual filers and $1,000 to joint filers.

In New York, tax rebates will go up to $1,050 to about 3 million homeowners. Pennsylvania is offering standard $650 rebates. South Carolina will offer checks of up to $800. Virginia will offer $250 tax rebates to single filers and $500 to joint filers.

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