China deploys deep manned submersible in the Indian Ocean to explore metals

China, the Asian power deployed a deep manned submersible in the Indian Ocean to look for deposits of Copper, Zinc and other precious metals. The submersible which is named ‘Jiaolong’ took its first dive in the hydrothermal area of the South West Indian ocean during the early hours of December 23, 2014.

China deploys deep manned submersible

China has earlier procured the contracts to explore Indian Ocean in search of Poly Metallic Sulphide Ore. The 15 year contract was secured by China from the International Seabed authority.

In this February, the Chinese research vehicle discovered two hydrothermal areas in the South West Indian Ocean. They also discovered four hydrothermal anomaly areas which added the anticipation beyond means.

As per studies, it has been proved that Hydrothermal Sulfide is a kind of sea bed which contains various metals like Copper, Zinc and sometimes precious metals like Gold and Silver.

As per, China’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA), the discovery of hydrothermal areas and poly metallic deposits was something which was beyond their anticipation.

They also told that the research vehicle named, ‘Dayang-1’ has also made successful attempts to explore sulfide underwater.

According to official sources, ‘Jiaolong’ will conduct a mission which is four month long, and it will dive more than twenty times in the South West Indian Ocean. The depth of diving will be somewhere in between 2700 – 3000 metres.

Yu Hongjun, the chief commander in mission stated that this is a milestone mission in the history of Chinese Oceanic exploration.

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