Stimulus Check Update: Deadline To File Tax Return

Stimulus Check Nov. 2022: California, Delaware Residents To Receive Payment; Check If You Are Eligible

The deadline to file a claim for any unclaimed stimulus funds or child tax credits was November 17, but that does not mean you won’t ever receive them. You can still claim any amounts owed to you until you file your return in 2023, even if the IRS Free File form is already closed for the remainder of the year.

People Who Haven’t Submitted For Tax Return

This year, around 9 million persons who weren’t paid never submitted a tax return, either because they weren’t compelled to or because they required additional time. The IRS used tax returns, nevertheless, to ascertain who qualified for both of these payouts. For those utilizing the IRS Free File tool, the deadline to submit a claim for unclaimed stimulus or child credit funds was Thursday, November 17, at 11:59 p.m. ET. The Free File tool is intended for people whose lower incomes often exclude them from the requirement to file taxes.

Deadline To Register Claim

If you have to file a tax return but already requested an extension this year or hadn’t done so yet, the due date was October 17. That’s also the deadline for submitting Form 1040 to prevent a late-filing fine. You have until February 15, 2023, to register a claim if you were impacted by one of the prior natural calamities, such as Hurricane Ian. But the deadline to submit was Tuesday, November 15, if you reside in a region where the Federal Emergency Management Agency has declared a disaster, such as Kentucky or Missouri.

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Don’t panic if you missed any of the aforementioned deadlines for claiming any unclaimed stimulus funds or child tax credit payments. Even if you won’t get the money this year, you can indeed claim it when you submit your taxes in 2023. Tax Day in 2025 will serve as the final deadline for filing a claim, however, we advise doing so as soon as feasible reports CNET.