Lamborghini: The $6000 smartphone Unleashed

The luxury brand Lamborghini is all set to premier their smart phone in market. This is the first attempt of Lamborghini to feature their signature style in phones as well.

The global launch was announced on Tuesday by Tonino Lamborghini. The phone is said to be in five variants and with leather and steel casing.


Bob Hatefi is the CEO of Lamborghini Mobile formed by the man himself Ferruccio Lamborghini and his son Tonino Lamborghini.

The company owners doesn’t believe in chasing numbers as they have a very niche segment of luxury product to offer, for them luxury is not a need however a way to stand out of the crowd.

The company Lamborghini Mobile is also no ways related to their motor segment which is a division of Volkswagen now.

The handset is said to feature a dual-sim facility with a 20 megapixel camera and a 5 inch high definition display. The phone can be used with any international network and is priced at whopping 6,000 dollars.

The company is also manufacturing headphone as an additional expense to look forward and has been priced at 4,000 dollars.

Lamborghini‘s are in no hurry to chase the volume. They are smartly chasing their niche segment client right from the beginning.

The handset is named as Lamborghini88 Tauri handset. The handset has been launched on Tuesday in Las Vegas and is expected to be in markets soon. The phone looks absolute stunning and is a thrill to look at.


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