Mauritius Celebrates National Day on March 12, 2023

Mauritius Celebrates National Day

Mauritius to Commemorate National Day on March 12, 2023

Mauritius, the small island nation in the Indian Ocean, will celebrate its National Day on March 12, 2023. This day marks the anniversary of the country’s independence from British rule in 1968. Mauritians take great pride in their national identity and heritage, making National Day a significant event on the country’s calendar.

Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S Jaishankar tweeted, “Warm greetings to FM Alan Ganoo and the Government and people of Mauritius on their National Day. In this landmark 75th year of diplomatic relations, happy to see our truly special relationship grow stronger, including through the G20 forum.”

Festivities Planned Across the Island to Mark the Occasion

In preparation for the National Day celebrations, the government of Mauritius has planned various events across the island. One of the most anticipated events is the National Day Parade, which sees members of the armed forces, police, and other government agencies march through the streets of the capital city of Port Louis. The parade is accompanied by colorful floats, music, and dance performances that celebrate the country’s cultural diversity.


Aside from the National Day Parade, there will be other activities held to mark the occasion. These include a flag-raising ceremony, cultural exhibitions, and fireworks displays.

Schools and communities are encouraged to organize their events, such as sporting tournaments, musical concerts, and food fairs. These events provide an opportunity for Mauritians to come together and celebrate their national pride and unity.

In addition to the festivities, National Day is also a time for reflection on the country’s journey to independence and the progress made since then. Many people take the opportunity to honor the founding fathers of Mauritius and pay their respects to those who fought for the nation’s freedom. National Day serves as a reminder of the values and principles that have shaped Mauritius into the diverse and prosperous nation it is today.

Celebrating National Day is a significant event for Mauritius, as it provides an opportunity for the country to come together and commemorate its rich history and culture. The festivities planned for March 12, 2023, are sure to be a memorable occasion for all Mauritians. Whether it’s enjoying the parade, attending cultural exhibitions, or organizing community events, National Day is a time to celebrate, reflect, and honor the past, present, and future of Mauritius.

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