4th Stimulus Check: Which States Are Sending How Much Amount In April 2023

The rise in inflation in the United States hit record highs last year. Several organizations agreed to send stimulus payments or tax refunds as a form of relief due to the high costs. Despite recent declines in inflation, the backing still exists.

Maine Stimulus Checks

To assist with the expense of heating, Maine is sending residents payments totaling $450. There will be checks sent to about 880,000 individuals. Late January 2023 saw the start of the distribution of Winter Energy Relief payments. By March 31, all payments should have been delivered.

South Carolina Tax Rebate

The maximum reimbursement that can be given to taxpayers is $800. Payments started at the close of last year, but those who submitted their returns after October 17 but before February 15, 2023, will get their money back by March 31 of this year.

Massachusetts Tax Return

A reimbursement of roughly 14% of the amount of state taxes owed is available to taxpayers. Refunds were given in December to taxpayers who submitted their 2021 returns before October 17 of the previous year. Taxpayers who submitted after September 15, 2023, and up until that date will receive their refund one month after doing so. Here are more specifics.

Idaho Stimulus Payment

Brad Little, the governor of Idaho, has approved the payment of tax refunds of $300 for single taxpayers and $600 for combined filers, or 10% of the taxpayer’s 2020 taxation on income, whichever is higher. By the end of March of this year, the tax board anticipates having issued about 800,000 rebates totaling $500 million.

New Mexico Stimulus Fund

Refunds of $500 for solo taxpayers and $1,000 for couples filing jointly are still available to New Mexico residents. To submit their 2021 income tax refund and be eligible for a refund, citizens have until May 2023.


Owing to Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters, about 2 million families in New Jersey are qualified for property tax refunds. Property tax refunds will total $1,500 for homeowners earning up to $150,000 and $1,000 for those making from $150,000 to $250,000. Renters will receive $450 payments if their annual income is up to $150,000. Refunds must be received by May 2023 reports AS USA.

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