Watch: Salma Hayek’s 24 Million Instagram Followers Get a Treat With Bathrobe Dance

Salma Hayek's 24 Million Instagram Followers Get a Treat With Bathrobe Dance

Salma Hayek celebrated reaching 24 million followers on Instagram with a video of herself dancing in a white bathrobe. The 56-year-old actress posted the video on Tuesday, May 17, 2023.

In the video, Hayek is surrounded by members of her team as she gets her hair and makeup done. She dances to the beat of the music, twirling and swaying in her bathrobe. The video also includes some cheeky blurring, which covers parts of Hayek’s body as the robe occasionally slips open during her carefree dance.

Hayek captioned the video, “24 million followers, 24 million reasons to smile 😄 Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride! ❤️🙏 I cannot contain my excitement & gratitude 💃.”

Hayek’s fans loved the video, and it quickly racked up over 900,000 likes in just a few hours. Many fans commented on Hayek’s beauty and energy, and some even joked that they were jealous of her bathrobe.

Hayek is one of the most popular actresses in the world, and she has a large and engaged following on social media. She often uses her platform to share her thoughts and experiences, and to promote her work.

In addition to her acting career, Hayek is also a successful businesswoman. She is the founder of the clothing line, Nuance by Salma Hayek, and she is also the co-founder of the production company, Ventanarosa.

Hayek is an inspiration to many, and she is a role model for women of all ages. She is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to be herself. She is also a talented actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Hayek’s 24 million followers are a testament to her popularity and her impact on the world. She is a true star, and she continues to inspire and entertain people all over the world.

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