Chinese Search Engine Baidu to launch self driving car like Google

Following the footsteps of search engine giant Google, Chinese search engine ‘Baidu’ is reportedly developing a self driving car with umpteen numbers of advanced facilities.

The car is expected to be launched by the end of this year. People’s Daily Online published this news on June 9, 2015.

‘Baidu’ is basically a web services Company, and they are working together with an automobile manufacturer to make this driver less car. The car will work on latest computer technology and artificial intelligence.

Chinese Company to launch self driving car

This news has been revealed by Wang Jin, Senior Vice President of the Company at the China Cloud Computing Services Summit.

The Chinese Web Giant has previously joined hands with BMW to develop an advanced semi autonomous car technology.

As per a report which was published in People’s Daily Online, this hybrid car will be loaded with umpteen numbers of advanced features which includes, Baidu Map, Big Data, Baidu Brain and artificial intelligence.

Baidu Brain is one unique feature which makes this car unique. It can stimulate the thinking mode of human brain, and this will help the car to make quick decisions.

Baidu, unlike Google does not believe in a complete autonomous car. Instead, the company is developing a vehicle with traditional pedals, but it will give more freedom to the driver. This concept was unleashed some months back by Yu Kai, The Head of Baidu’s Deep Learning Lab.

On the other hand, Google has announced last month that their prototype self driving cars will hit the roads around its headquarters in Mountain View, California in this summer. It has been also informed that these cars have involved in 13 minor accidents in its course of six year tests.

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