Watch Modi’s Independence Day Speech Live Streaming

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Red Fort Independence Day Speech will be live streamed on Youtube.

Where to Watch LIVE –

To watch the live stream you can watch it on television sets other options include watching PM’s speech in YouTube video of PMO and other channels of narendra modi and NIC webcast it will start 6:30 in the morning of 15 August.

modi independdence day speech

What will be in his speech?

As a PM of a developing country his speech will be full of promises like a Santa Claus on a Christmas eve to work on his speech much better our respected PM also took the democracy on his side and asked public for their ideas.

Modi speech live streaming:

He is also expected to give our ex-army men the long waited bill required for the ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP) AND Universal health insurance plan our

PM is expected to fill rural peoples expectation to great extent.

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S0 what will be in his speech that cannot be predicted by anyone let’s see what our modi sir had in his mind regarding this country.

The live streaming of Modi’s speech can be watched through his website.