Obamacare website glitches: White House says it is fixing

Obamacare website glitches:

It is not just politics but even technology issues have put a question about the future of the landmark health reform, ‘Obamacare’. The program aims to extend health coverage to millions of Americans lacking insurance.

Obamacare website glitches:

Websites set up for the federal and state governments went live from October 1, 2013. However the enrollment system saw overloads, glitches and crashes, leading to big embarrassment.

The surge of interest was termed positive by US health officials, but the technical problems may be a blow to the program.

Despite a US government shutdown incited by Republicans, the website healthcare.gov was launched and exchanges were opened in more than 30 states.

Obama has vowed that six in 10 people could find insurance for less than $100 per month. However people were frustrated by the error messages and system failures on several sites.

Analysts said that the bureaucratic process has made it difficult to test the system before it went live. Dan Schuyler at the health consulting firm Leavitt Partner said that it took nearly two years to come out with regulations for the system.

He affirms that the vendors are very capable, but lack of guidance and timing and delays has prevented the system from being tested.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services has argued that issues related to volume are welcome since it shows how many people are eager to get real information. She told that the enrollment period goes through March 2014

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