Pakistani TikTok Star Aliza Seher Leaked Video: Dispute on Viral Clip Explained

After Leaked Video Aliza Seher's Revelation Emerges!
After Leaked Video Aliza Seher's Revelation Emerges!

Pakistani TikTok celebrity Aliza Seher became the focus of a social media debate when a personal video of hers went viral and attracted a lot of attention. Speaking on the matter of the leaked film, she broke down and lamented that the accused had not been charged.

Who Is Aliza Seher?

Pakistani online celebrity Aliza Seher describes herself as “a simple girl from a small village in Punjab.” Since 2017, she has been creating videos about her rural lifestyle. She frequently shares vlogs on cooking, cleaning, farming, and the environment.

Her YouTube channel has 1.4 million subscribers, and some of her videos have racked up over 14 million views. Ms. Seher has more than four lakh Instagram followers.


Ms. Seher created a four-minute video on YouTube that details her case, which went viral. She expressed her frustration and helplessness with loud words.

The well-known figure on the internet claimed to have obtained assistance from Multan’s Cybercrime department, but the accused has not been prosecuted. She added that although the accused admitted modifying the video, he claimed not to have uploaded it.

“My video became viral because of that dog over in Qatar. The cybercrime agency has helped me; this individual has not been prosecuted. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who has helped and supported me. Everyone can see how committed and hardworking I am,” she stated in the video.

She fought back tears as she said, “I was blackmailed since the day I joined YouTube, but I continued to do my work because of my family’s support.”

A Known Case

A similar video clip purportedly portraying a Punjabi couple who gained notoriety for selling kulhad pizza went viral in September and caused controversy. Sehaj Arora, the owner of the food cart, reported the video to the police, calling it phony.

In a Jalandhar Street, Sehaj Arora and his spouse became well-known for serving a distinctive pizza in kulhad, or earthen cups.  The owners of “Kulhad Pizza” were allegedly seen in a compromised position on the video. Following the video’s global success, Mr. Arora clarified the footage on Wednesday, labeling it “fake”.

Sehaj Arora revealed that the woman who threatened them with death over the video went viral and was taken into police custody. He further emphasized how the phony video affected him and his family, accusing YouTuber Karan Dutta of distributing it. The YouTuber refuted any misconduct, though.

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