Lady Gaga wears a gun bra as a publicity stunt

According to the reports US pop star Lady Gaga chose gun outfit to wear in Vancouver last Friday. Gaga’s outfit with two guns protruding seemed to be an eyebrow raiser for many. Was she trying to get things under control?

gun bra lady gaga

As cited by, Lady Gaga flaunted the same gun bra in the year 2010, while her shoot for the Rolling Stone Cover page. Her gun bra has become a debatable matter for the Americans.

The question that arises is whether wearing a gun bra was a style statement or was it her worry that Sharon Osbourne may appear out from the audience because of her recent feud with Osbourne’s daughter Kelly Osbourne.

Whatever the reason is, Gaga has hit the headlines again. She is highly popular for her bizarre outfits.

She had appeared for the Grammy Awards from inside an egg. Her meat dress is also unforgettable.

Lady Gaga wore the controversial gun-bra, which has two fake assault rifles from the front of each bra cup, while she performed the song Alejandro.