Election Results 2019 Live: Aaj Tak, NDTV, TV9 News: West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, MP – BJP, NDA gets majority

The counting has started in India.

As of 9:45

NDA: 311

UPA: 105

NA: 93

Violence has become a hallmark of elections in West Bengal, and this was amply visible in every phase of the polls. Both the parties employed some of the worst forms of sledging and hate statements. However, the scene is changing in the East, including the North East and the seven sister states where illegal immigrants have become a major poll issue.

Illegal Immigrants

For years illegal immigrants have had a field day, and successive governments turned a blind eye on the issue considering electoral benefits. What was alarming for the majority community was the flexing of muscles by the immigrants after they found a tacit supporter in the form of TMC and earlier the communists. It cannot be ruled out that BJP could make deep inroads in the traditional vote bases of TMC and Left parties. It could see a repeat of the Assam results by the BJP.


 BJP to repeat Assam strategy

The post-poll exit polls conducted by major news agencies such as NDTV live, AAJ Tak live, CNN IBN live, are predicting that the BJP will make inroads in West Bengal and improve their tally from 2 to 14 and this could be a worrying factor Ms Mamta Bannerji. If the NDA retains power in the centre, it will rigorously follow the same strategy in the coming state elections.  The BJP is once again raising the illegal migrant issue and used it with overwhelming success in Assam.  

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No clear support only ambiguity

The TMC has pushed the other parties like the Left and the Congress to the sidelines and can hardly expect any support from the former foes and present friends. Leaving out TDP leader, Chandrababu Naidu, no other leader have openly supported Ms Mamta. Even when the EC decided of cutting g down the electioneering time by 24 hours and changing the Chief Secretary of WBH, opposition parties have been muted in support. All stakes are high, and the outcome will be seen on 23 May 2019 evening.


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