Artist and Author Meagan J. Meehan Launches Official Website 

Artist and author J. Meehan has just announced the launch of her official website created to promote her art, writing, and educational endeavors. The artist also hopes that the website will help to raise awareness of her official YouTube channel. Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives—which will help viewers see her three-dimensional pieces from all sides.

Meehan has sold dozens of pieces of art since 2012. Her colorful and abstract creations have won awards, grace private collections internationally, from galleries throughout New York and beyond. In January 2018, her first solo show was held on the Long Islands of Demouzy Contemporary Gallery. Since then, she has gone on to embrace curation. In promoting an art practice she founded called “Conscious Perceptionalism”.

Despite these successes, Meehan held off on having an official and professional website. Designed, largely due to her limited funds as a Ph.D. student. Yet after three gallery owners chastised her for not having a website in the span of two months. Meehan realized that she could wait no longer.

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Meagan J. Meehan, Official website page

“I knew that I needed a website and I did put it off too long but everything worked out well since I absolutely love how the website turned out,” Meehan explained in a recent exclusive interview. “I found the company of Yummy Zest through a network of artist contacts and friends. The owner, Yaron Urbas, created the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen and his prices are very reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a website.”

“I emailed Google and asked them to add my YouTube channel to the profile panel several times. Thinking it to be a simple request since my panel is verified but, so far, I’ve had no luck,” Meehan explained. “I hope my website—which has my YouTube channel linked—will help Google confirm that Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives is indeed my channel. Looking forward it gets added to my profile panel section so people can find it. YouTube is a really wonderful tool to demonstrate artwork, especially three-dimensional work like mine since pictures don’t do my pieces justice.”

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“I’m really pleased that the logo for my website is an original piece that I created in a college digital art class way back in 2007,” Meehan declared. “I’ve been using that image for my other social media accounts for many years and Yaron incorporated it into every aspect of my website beautifully. Additionally, I’ve also ordered some custom business cards to match the website since I was so delighted with the look of it.”

To learn more, visit the official website of Meagan J. Meehan:

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