Halloween Witch: Google celebrates Halloween with a witch Doodle

Google is celebrating Halloween today on Oct 31, 2013 with an interactive Halloween themed doodle. On opening the Google search page, a green-faced witch with a long, pointed noise and straggly hair can be seen flipping through pages of a spell book.

The interactive doodle lets users make the potion in the cauldron with various options. Users are taken to a cave-like space on clicking the witch with spell book. Check it out live here.

While the witch is busy stirring a bubbling potion, users have to click any two ingredients of a bone, an apple a skull or a blue bottle.

When two of the ingredients are clicked, all items vanish with a puffy smoke and the witch disappears from the screen.

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Depending on the ingredients, user is taken to a mini game of spiders or a mini game of coffins where a mummy is hiding or another game of hiding ghosts. The games are accompanied by spooky sounds.

All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween is celebrated on October 31, in many countries. The festival activities include trick-or-treating by children and attending parties in costumes like vampires, ghosts, skeletons, witches, or devils. Pumpkins are carved like jack-o’-lanterns; pranks are played on people and many watching horror films.

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