Djokovic defeats No.1 Rafael Nadal at World Tour Finals

Serbian Novak Djokovic defeated Spaniard and current No.1 Rafael Nadal with 6-3, 6-4 at the ATP World Tour Finals on Nov 11, 2013 in London. It was his 22nd straight consecutive win after a U.S. Open final loss to Nadal. Though Nadal is going to be No.1, his spot is being questioned after the defeat in the elite season-ending tournament.

Djokovic wins over NadalDjokovic, became the seventh player to win the ATP World Tour Finals at least three times.

This is the second straight time that Djokovic has beat Nadal after a win by same score last month in Beijing. Nadal lost in the tour finals for second time and missed the chance as the only player after Andre Agassi to have won the four major Grand Slams, Davis Cup, Olympic gold and the year-end tournament. The last title is only missing from his glittering resume this year.

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Nadal said that it does not change his career and is not very disappointed. This defeat was a warning to Nadal, who overtook Djokovic’s No. 1 ranking last month. Djokovic present record against Nadal is 17-22. He has beaten Nadal 10 times out of 19 final encounters. Djokovic has not been beaten since his loss at the U.S. Open in last September.