No Third Wave In Sight As Six Indian States And UTs have 100% Vaccinated Adults

Covid Third wave
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With almost 750 million vaccines jabbed, India might not see the third COVID wave but just some repetition of increase in cases for some days as six states and UTs have vaccinated hundred percent, adults.

The government said on Sunday that three states i.e. Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Sikkim, and three Union Territories i.e. Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Ladakh, and Lakshadweep have at least one dose of vaccine to all its eligible population.

Covid Third wave
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Many more states and the Union Territories will soon have all the eligible population with at least one jab of vaccination as 750 million doses are given daily.

The vaccination program started on January 16, 2021, with healthcare workers as the priority. Due to this high number of vaccinations given daily in India might not see a third wave that has already hit Europe, the USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

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Covid thrid wave
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The Centre told Supreme Court that the office of the Registrar General of India issued a circular that the central government will provide a medical certificate to the kin of those people who died due to Covid-19.

Economic Recovery and GDP Gears Up

The GDP rise in the second quarter might be greater than in the first quarter because in the first quarter, there were many restrictions due to the pandemic but now almost everything has returned to normal.

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