Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona shot dead amidst political clashes

Amidst all the saddening proceedings, a Venezuelan beauty queen and another student protester were lethally shot on Wednesday during clashes and political protests between the police and protestors.

The 22-year old Genesis Carmona was declared dead at one of the local hospitals. She is known for her win at 2013 Miss Tourism crown and was known to be representing her own state at Miss Tourism Venezuela.

The nationwide protests started this month, but only gained global momentum when three people were killed at the demonstrations. The demands range from social to economical from different groups, although most protestors want to end the goods shortages and have better security along with having protected freedom of speech. Officials on the other hand have other factors to site and have been accusing the US for its plotting against the government.

Protestors are mainly known to be students, but a lot of opposition leaders have also participated in the marches and have been seen at the clashes. Leopoldo Lopez is the most prominent opponent leader heading the demonstrations. While he remained in the military position on Thursday, his wife Lilian Tintori de Lopez has been urging the opponents to keep the pressure going on the government. In the latest developments, murder and terrorism charges have been dropped for Lopez, who will now be prosecuted for arson and conspiracy.

Among the other proceedings, Venezuela has accused US of trying to destabilize the government and has asked three US diplomats to leave the country in 48 hours.



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