Creepy Urban Legends Stories Like Kuchisake-Onna, La Llorona To Keep You Up Tonight!

Creepy Urban Legend
La Llorona and her two sons

Urban legends are myths that have no starting point. Their origin and actuality are unknown but their fear still withstands in the people.

Some urban legends have been said to arise from true incidents and some have given inspiration to a horrific crime. Either way here is 3 famous urban legends to occupy you.

‘The Babysitter Nightmare’

This one is a popular legend featured in many Hollywood movies as well.
The legend goes that a teenage girl is babysitting two children. She puts them to bed and is watching TV in the living room

This is when she gets a phone call from a stranger laughing and telling her to look out for the children upstairs. She asks for his name but he hangs up.
She ignores the call but she gets another call from the man telling the same.
She gets paranoid and calls the police about the call.
The police tell her that they would trace the next call. She gets the call from the man again and the police inform her to her horror that the call is being made from inside.

This tale has frighteningly some truth to it

On March 18, 1950, a distressed call from Janet, a girl who was babysitting a boy was received by the police asking for help.
Janet when found by the parents of the boy was killed and the house was ransacked. This hints at the shivering aspect of the legend of the babysitter being chased around the house and sadly killed.

‘La Llorona’

This legend has been around for a long time.

The haunting lady, dressed in white and her long black hair who roams around a lake or a river wailing for her dead children is popular folklore.

The myth has it that a woman was abandoned by her wealthy husband. She couldn’t get through the rejection and in a fit of anger drowned her children in the lake.

When she came back to her senses she mourns their death. She wandered along with the shires of the river until she starved and became mad.

She is said to wail at night and drown young children if they cross her way. This legend has also made in a movie in 2019 called “The curse of La Llorona”

‘The Kuchisake-onna’

Saving the best for the last, Kuchisake-onna is the freaky Japanese urban legend still popular among the masses.

The legend recites the story of an extremely beautiful woman married to a Samurai warrior. She used to go along the streets and ask people
“Am I pretty”?
And she would receive positive responses from everyone. She got engaged in an extramarital affair with a soldier.
When her husband found out, as a punishment he carved a big smile from ear to ear. She committed suicide but her legend still roams around.

Kuchisake-onna also called the slit mouth woman is said to roam at night. She wears a mask and still asks “Am I pretty? ”
If the answer is no she kills the stranger and if the answer is yes, she removes the mask and asks “what about now? ”
If the answer is no, she kills the responder and if the answer is still yes, she leaves the stranger with a slit mouth smile like her own.

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