Omicron Infects 70 Times Faster Than Delta And Covid-19 Variant: Study

Omicron Infects 70 Times Faster Than Delta And Covid-19 Variant: Study
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The Omicron virus has created a new frenzy and paranoia in the world. The replication of this variant is said to be 70 times even higher than the original SARS-CoV- 19 and Delta variant.

Britain and the United States of America are leading in the number of infections of Omicron which have further restricted the restrictions.

The reason for this ensued frenzy and quick replication is put forth by research from the University of Hong Kong.
Michael Chan Chi-Wai, Associate Professor at University of Hong Kong, and his team successfully isolated Omicron and compared infection from the variant with the original SARS-CoV-2 from 2020, and the Delta variant.

Omicron: The First information on the variant

The researchers of the University of Hong Kong have provided the first information on the variant and why it is 70 times more infectious than Delta or the original SARS-CoV-19 reports Livemint.

Omicron Infects 70 Times Faster Than Delta And Covid-19 Variant Study

The research found that Omicron attacks the human bronchus,
A bronchus is a passage of the airway in the lower respiratory tract that conducts air into the lungs.

This is said to be the sole reason why Omicron replicates at its fast speed and yet remains less effective than previous variants.

All the aspects of the research

The research used ex-vivo cultures of the respiratory tract to understand the gamut of the variant.
The result came out to be that the variant’s severity is likely less compared to the other variants because its transmission is 10 times lower in lung tissue than the original SARS-CoV-19

The replication and severity yet still highly depends on the host and his or her immunity, the researchers added.

The overall outcome from the research still deems this virus to be dangerous and threatening.

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