Astrologer Predicts Aryan Khan Future: ‘he Will Prove To The World That He Is The Son Of Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’

Aryan Khan drugs scandal

Aryan Khan, the son of Sharukh Khan, would no longer be known as just Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son as his stars say the same.

Aryan Khan has kick-started his career in Bollywood by voicing adult Simba in the Hindi dub of “The Lion King,” released on July 19, 2019.

Proving his Superstar blood in coming years, says the astrologer

The renowned Astrologer Anant Patwa spoke to Bollywood Life while predicting Aryan Khan’s future stated
“Aryan Khan is born under the Aries moon. Now, Aries is the sign of a war commander and is governed by Mars. People under the influence of Mars tend to lose their temper easily.

In October 2021, he suffered due to a negative Jupiter, but it was the same planet, which saved him. In 2022, he will be very introspective and cut off ties with friends whom he feels are not ‘good company’. But success is a little elusive for Aryan Khan right now because of the sun’s transit in Libra. He has to consider his father as his mentor and imbibe his virtues. With hard work and earnestness, he can overcome this negative energy in his life. Aryan Khan’s positive phase will start after August 22.”

He further added on the prediction

“Jupiter is now revolving around Aries, which means that he will iron out his weaknesses by 2023. He will surely learn from his mistakes and improve his aura. Aryan Khan will benefit from dad Shah Rukh Khan’s advice as his Sun is the lower house. I foresee his career more as a Bollywood writer or filmmaker than an actor. Aryan Khan should wear a Pearl. It will bring composure to mind. These three years predict struggle, but 2025 will be a landmark year. He will prove to the world that he is the son of superstar Shah Rukh Khan,”

Aryan Khan has harnessed the 2021 spotlight already

Aryan Khan’s arrest in the drug case got major media coverage. The Narcotics Bureau raided the Cordelia cruise travelling from Mumbai to Goa that’s where the star kid was arrested and his other friends.

Henceforth, Aryan was the second top newsmaker of the year 2021 and Sidharth Shukla, Raj Kundra, Narendra Modi, and Virat Kohli by Yahoo 2021 Year In A Review.
Sharukh Khan is the most beloved star of Bollywood. It would be interesting to see if this astrology comes true and the Shahrukh Khan’s lineage of utmost fame and glory is passed on to his look-alike son Aryan Khan.

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