Candy Crush strikes chord with female audience worldwide!

Candy Crush seems to have found its best audience and fans in the female population. Beating the console games that take hours and needs to be played with attention, Candy Crush Saga is among those casual games that can be played anywhere, anytime and even on the move.

Candy Crush
Candy Crush strikes chord with female audience


Surprisingly, two third of the total number of Candy Crush players are women, as revealed by King, the Brit developer behind the game.

Currently, the game finds extremely popularity on Facebook, and experts point that it can well be the indication on how casual gaming is getting more accepted among the females. Check out the game here.

Involving some very smartly designed and bright moving sweets, Candy Crush is quite an easy game and has numerous levels to play.

However, it can be addictive, which is why people on the move probably miss on catching a bus or checking something on the computer.

For many female players, the game is like a ‘boredom’ killer, but at the same time, it needs 100% concentration. Candy Crush is free for players to play, but makes its money through the feature of ‘move forward’, where players can buy extras to cross levels.

Every player gets five chances for passing on level, after which he has the choice to wait for 24 hours or pay around $1 to get back to the game right away.

Unlike many of the other games, there is no huge pays here, but yes the developer is making huge money. According to IDATE consultancy firm, King is getting around $850,000 in daily sales.

It’s also the most successful product from the developer till date.

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