‘National Chinese Almond Cookie Day’ Celebrated Worldwide

April 9 celebrates the tasty day of “National Chinese Almond Cookie Day”. This day uplifts everyone to try these mouth-watering cookies. Some Chinese immigrants introduced these almond cookies to the Americans in the 19th century. Henceforth, these are also called Chinese Almond Biscuits.

History of “National Chinese Almond Cookie Day”

Although, the Chinese Almond Cookies do not have an origin date or place. These are said to be adapted from the Chinese Walnut Cookie. The Chinese Walnut cookies were invented  in the 16th century. In general, these cookies represent coins that are sure to bring fortune to your life.

How to observe “National Chinese Almond Cookie Day”

These cookies are the tastiest things you can think of to gift someone. Bake some of them and share them with your loved ones. Make enough cookies to enjoy this day with your family and friends. These cookies definitely look pretty when served with other cookies. These cookies go well with dipping in teas. Serving them with Oolong tea enhances its flavours. Use #NationalChineseAlmondCookieDay prior to make a post on social media.

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Fun Facts

Some interesting facts are related to these cookies. These cookies are just simple almond cookies decorated with some almond slivers. These are served as palate cleansers after many courses in Chinese restaurants. However, the cookies do not appear as desserts. According to traditional Chinese medicines, almonds have anti-inflammatory properties. These cookies are loved and enjoyed in the view of Chinese New Year. Yuan-Shan Chi declared these cookies as Chinese blueberry pie.


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