Narendra Modi says to hang him if he has committed any crime



BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that he should be “hanged” in public if the allegations against him about Godhra riots are true.

He said that he would not apologize for the post-Godhra riots as it would serve no purpose since that is not the right way to deal with such allegations.

Modi said that an exemplary punishment should be there to prevent people from committing such a crime and even Modi should not be pardoned. Modi felt that if he had lost the elections in 2002 or 2007 there wouldn’t have been apology demand.

The BJP’s PM candidate said that criminalization of politics is a serious issue and if elected to power, he would see to try criminal cases of MLAs and MPs to be expedited within a year. Ge said that those convicted will lose their seats and people with no criminal charges will fill vacant seats.

Mr Modi predicted a historic victory for BJP in upcoming elections. He said that he has worked as backroom boy for the BJP party for many years and never measured elections in numbers. But he can say that Congress will see worst performance in history and it will be NDA’s best performance.