One detained for twin blasts at Chennai Central Station

As many as 14 people have been injured and a woman is dead after two low- intensity bomb blasts occurred on on coaches S4 and S5 of the Bangalore-Guwahati Express at the Chennai Central Station today.

After the blasts, the station was cordoned off and police personnel with the help of sniffer dogs checked the platforms and coaches.

A suspect has been detained by Chennai Police in connection with blasts. An investigation has been ordered by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) and a National Investigation Agency team has been sent to Chennai.

The train had arrived at the Chennai station around 7.05 am and one of the blasts erupted from underneath a seat at 7.15 am killing a 22-year-old TCS employee, Swati. Security alert has been issued in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai following the blasts.

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Just 12 hours ago on Tuesday, CID team of the Tamil Nadu Police had arrested a 37-year old Sri Lankan national, Sakir Hussain in Chennai. He is suspected to be an agent of an ISI operative as various photographs of vital installations and counterfeit currency was seized from him. Police said that he was planning to sabotage important structures including the US consulate in Chennai.

Following are the Helpline Numbers for the blast victims and their relatives. Please call in Chennai 044-25357398 and Bangalore 080-22156553 or 080-22356409